Organized the capacity building trainings for the “Home visitors” of WVMIO

“Home visitors” are the local volunteers who are well trained.

On February 09-2, 2017, we provided the fundamental understanding of the child protection activities on the social and psychological needs for the children’s development, children’s rights and duties, why the children are required to be protected, duties of the “Home visitors”, methods to relate to the family members, how to behave when visiting their homes, how to reveal the risky children and family and connect them to the multidisciplinary team to the

  • 35 home visitors of Khan-Uul Public Relations Unit of WVMIO,
  • 32 home visitors of Batsumber soum of Tuv Public Relations Unit of WVMIO,
  • 14 home visitors of Chingeltei Public Relations Unit of WVMIO