Organized the training to increase the belief in the life for the patients fighting against and struggling with the tuberculosis

On March 27-31, 2017, we organized the training with the topic of “Quality of the life” aimed at providing the psychological education for the 70 patients who have been taking the anti-tuberculosis drugs for longer period and who are adapted to the many drugs to improve their skills of to overcome the tests, adapt to and cooperate with the surrounding environment and society, improve their trust and belief to life or survive at the training hall of the Health Center of Bayanzurkh, Chingeltei, and Sukhbaatar districts on the financing from the Global foundation and the subscription of the Mongolian Society for Fighting Against the Tuberculosis.

Organized training “Peaceful family”in 4 soums of Khentii aimag

On March 20-25, 2017, we organized the training and lecture for the families of Umnudelger, Binder, Bor-Undur, and Sumber soums of Khentii aimag with the theme of “Peaceful family” aimed at improving internal relations of the family members, the skills to relate, cooperate and solve the problems by the subscription of the Governor’s Secretariat of these soums and the financing of Bor-Undur-2 Public Relations Unit of WVMIO for the duration of 6 days.

Totally 234 persons attended the training and 70 percent of the participants were the family members with the risky families that attend the Public Relations Unit of WVMIO while 30 percent were from the other family members of local area.