Organized the trainings on the capacity building of the multidisciplinary team

In a relation to the enforcement of the renewed, changed and amended version of the Law of Fighting Against the Child Abuse (ХХтХ шинээр батлагдсан, ГБХТтХуулийн шинэчилсэн найруулга) from February 01, 2017, Baasanbat S., director of the our organization and advisory psychologist, and Pagma U., manager in charge for the training have attended the training organized in cooperation by the Ministry of Labor and Social Defense, Ministry of Justice and Domestic Affairs, Governmental Implementing Agency – Family, Children and Youth Development Agency for preparing the national trainers for capacitating the members of the multidisciplinary teams of aimags, districts, soums, and khoroos that assumed the special duties by the above laws and awarded by the “National Trainer” certificate.

Moreover, the capacity building trainings for the multidisciplinary teams of Dundgovi, Huvsgul, Bayan-Ulgii, and Bayankhongor aimags, Chingeltei and Bayanzurkh districts was successfully organized in April and May 2017.