Organization introduction


The MUPI is a non-governmental organization, with state registration number of 1056956, and has been working since 08 February 2006, for providing Psychological service to community.


As an experienced and well rounded team of Psychologists, we set the benchmark to deliver psychological service to our greater community as we help our clients grow.


Through providing services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families from diverse backgrounds and varying socio-economic contexts, we hope to improve their quality of life.

Our values


We provide a non judgmental and confidential environment in which clients can engage the messiness of life with curiosity, perspective and creativity.


We create a safe space where clients are seen and heard.  We recognize the courage to engage in this connection.


We empower our clients to achieve holistic health; emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and relational.


As one’s strengths, talents and hopes are uncovered and celebrated, clients are inspired and encouraged to live out change.




Individual counseling

We provide evidence-based treatments for a variety of psychological problems including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, personality disorders, trauma, and issues related to identity and self-esteem.

Adolescents counseling 

We treat teens experiencing anxiety, depression, self-injury and other psychological problems. We help teens to improve coping skills, manage stress, and to develop a healthier sense of self.

Couples Therapy

We help couples to improve communication to resolve conflicts, to build a more secure bond and to strengthen their relationship.

Child & Family Therapy

We provide treatment for child abuse and their experiencing problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, suicide and defiant behavior, ADHD, attachment difficulties, and school avoidance. We provide support for parenting and co-parenting.


  1. Couples assessment
  2. Families assessment
  3. Child assessment
  4. Personality assessment

Domestic violence& Men’s behavior change program

  • Psychological evaluation & assessing:
  • Assessment of perpetrators’ behavioral risks and emotional features
  • Assessing psychological trauma in the victims of violent
  • Child Custody Evaluation in Family Law Proceedings

Group counseling and training:

  • Counseling for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse
  • Individual counseling for perpetrators
  • Psychological training course with 20 sessions for changing behaviors of perpetrators
  • Psychological training course with 24 sessions on changing behaviors for parents and guardians
  • 12-step psychological intervention course for alcohol dependent perpetrators 


Psychological training to build up EQ/7:

  1. Self esteem
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Creative thinking
  4. Relationship skills
  5. Cooperation skills
  6. To make resolution
  7. Coping skills

Training of specialists:

  • Specialization course on child protection psychosocial support
  • Training of trainers on parent education
  • Training on building skills of psychological counseling for victims of violence
  • Analysis of experts to identify capabilities of parents and guardians and specialization
  • Training of trainers on changing behaviors of perpetrators