The training with the theme of “Child protection in the school environment” was organized

We successfully organized the training for 3 days with the theme of “Child protection in the school environment” involving 30 students of general educations’ high school of Adaatsag soum named after S.Nyambuu, Ph.Sc of the Science of History and Professor according to the order of Department of Public Relations of the “World Vision Mongolia” International Organization in Dundgovi aimag on August 25-27, 2017.

By this training, S. Baasanbat, an advisor and psychologist of our organization has successfully conducted an interesting lessons combined the theory and practice which is aimed at providing the methods for the teachers to understand the children’s psychology and work by adjusting to their peculiarities, improving the skills on how to find and reveal the children at the risky conditions in the school environment and provide them with the first step psychological supports.

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