“IF THE VIEWPOINT DOES NOT CHANGE, THE ACTION WILL NOT CHANGE” inter branches’ meeting-discussion is held

The “Mongol Urkh” Psychological Institute successfully organized the inter branches’ meeting-discussion with the theme of “The ways to develop the “Enforced training program for influencing the behaviors” to stop the family violations with the scientific bases, gender feelings and senses and by the principle based on the human rights” in cooperation with the UNFPA and The General Department of Police at the meeting hall of Bishrelt Hotel at 09:00AM – 06:00PM on November 20, 2017.

The goal of the meeting is to work out the Sample training handouts, prepare and specialize the trainers, and determine the rational ways to introduce them at the national level with the united contents, concepts and understandings and systems within the scope of the “Rule for enforced training program for influencing the behaviors” approved by the joint order A/73 of the Minister of Justice and Internal affairs and the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare dated on April 04, 2017 based on the one hand and on the other Item 44.5 of the Article 44 of the Law on Fighting Against the Family Violations.

About 100 delegates representing the related 3 ministries, 4 agencies, 12 municipal organizations, 2 international organizations and 11 non-governmental organizations attended this meeting, shared the ideas and experiences and consulted.

We will consolidate and conclude the recommendations issued by the meeting-discussion and will introduce you.

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